Asiansexdiary - Da (Paw’s friend)
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Da (Paw’s friend)


Pornstar: Da B Paw

Dear Diary, Woke up this morning with pain in my left arm. It was swollen. I had seen something on my arm in Batam already but I thought it was just a mosquito bite or something. I went to a doctor. Seems to be a bite of an insect and it had been there for awhile. The doctor opened it and some ugly stuff came out of my arm. He said that this was probably the reason why I have been sick for a week. First time I seen this. The good news is that it is over now. I changed hotels at 1m and by 4pm, Paw arrived. Alone. It was her birthday. I started to understand her behavior. For sure, she is in need of money. She was hungry and ate all of my candy in the room. Pity that she still had her mens as I would have loved to fuck her. Her friend was late. We took some more pics and she took a shower. It was already 5pm and her friend didn’t arrive yet. Paw called her and the girl still had to take her shower. Then Paw told me that the girl was 20 and just had a baby. I started to worry. 30 mins later, she arrived. To my surprise, she looked really cute and seemed to be in a good mood. Her name is Da. A bit chubby but I was more than happy with this delivery. I gave Paw some money to go eat and then she left. I went slowly with Da as she was, for sure, a bit shy. Once nude, I got her horny when touching her nice big brown milk-nipples and when I ate her pussy. She gave me an amateur BJ and then I decided to fuck that small cute pussy of hers (pussy not destroyed by birth!). Nice fuck with a creampie. It was her first fuck since birth. I was satisfied. I always get super horny when I can fuck a best friend, sister or cousin of one of my girls. Got a message from Paw and she promised to come back when her mens was over, hopefully before I leave Bangkok. I think I will visit another Thai city next week. Still need to decide where