Asiansexdiary - Golf
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Golf


Pornstar: Golf B

Dear Diary, I booked my flight to Vientiane, this morning. I fly tomorrow! Why not?!! My horny student, Wiw, is in need of my dick, so what could I do otherwise!? I told her and she got totally excited. I asked her to send some little horny vids to me. She promised to try it. Today, I first walked around to buy some stuff and then went back to my apartment. At night, I went to a 7/11 to buy some drinks when a girl standing there started talking to me. I had no camera with me, a this was supposed to be a 5min outting. Either way, this girl, named Golf, asked me if she could give me a massage. She looked a bit chubby but there was something very horny in her facial expressions. I asked what she was doing, how old she was…etc. Turned out she is a 19yo student that is in need of cash to pay for her studies. I told her I wanted to help her if she would allow me to take some pics of her in my room. She immediately agreed, so away we went. In my room, she asked if she could first take a shower. I said yes and showed her the bathroom but wanted to take a few pictures first. And then – well, it escalated quickly from there!!! Guys, this was totally unexpected and I had no plans to find a girl tonight but this girl and shoot became maybe one of the horniest I ever did. This girl was totally cock-hungry and a nymphomaniac. One of my best fucks. Just look at the footage, you will understand! Got her number, before she left. Damn, maybe have to let her come back again when I am back in Bangkok. Tomorrow to Laos anyways!