Asiansexdiary - Viviana
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Viviana


Pornstar: Viviana

Dear Diary, Changed to a nice new hotel, this morning, close to Chulia Street. Later in the afternoon, I went for a walk to a nearby cafe with cosy couches. Once there, a very petite and super cute girl came to sit in front of me and I immediately asked her what her name was. Her name is Viviana, a 19yo. She only came here to have a coffee and we started to talk. Her English was poor and I had to use my translator app. She then came to sit next to me when I started to film her. I told her that I really wanted to take pictures of her and that I really liked her. It was clear that she liked me back, as well, so I dared ask her back to my hotel. She said yes! I was as happy as a brat in a candy shop. The flirting continued, on the way, and I even grabbed her hand. Once in the room, she was super relaxed and cute. As small as Yuli, 144cm tall, and only 36kg (79 LBS). Can you imagine?! Damn I was so fucking horny! I started to kiss and touch her while slowly undressing her. Just look at those firm tits and super petite ass. What a piece of art, man! And then… that hole in her panties, with a super petite pussy with almost no hair on it hiding beneath. Damn man, paradise! I took her in my arms. Even sitting, I was still taller than her. Got her to suck my dick and then I licked her delicious pussy. Look at how big my dick looks when I started to fuck her. I’m like a MONSTER compared to her. When she was on top, she came and squirted on my belly. Honest to fuck… so fucking horny! I then continued to fuck her and creampied her by the end of it all, of course. Damn, I have been so lucky this week. We talked a little longer and she then had to hurry back home. She is working with her parents. They have a small shop.